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Companies that are run by geeks are some of the most innovative, agile and scalable organizations today. In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Justin Louis speaks with renowned MIT researcher Andrew McAfee, author of “The Geek Way: The Radical Mindset that Drives Extraordinary Results.”

In this episode:

  • Andy explains what “geeky leadership” is and how geeks have become the most consequential leaders in modern business.
  • We talk about generative AI, how organizations can capitalize on it, and what leaders must understand first.
  • We touch on the future of work and what people, currently employed or not, need to know to succeed in the workplaces of tomorrow.
  • We dip our toes into the future of tech and the potentially paradigm shifting systems that could come next.

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Where to find Andrew McAfee:

Click or tap here to learn more about Andy McAfee and how his keynotes, workshops and advisory sessions can help your organization weave emerging technologies like generative AI into your strategic vision, anchored by the transformative power of “geeky leadership.”

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