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We’re in the business of B2B and B2G PR Services & Solutions, partnering with clients in Technology & AI, Cybersecurity & Defense, DEI, Energy, ESG, Professional Services & Consulting, Accounting & Finance, Architecture & Design, Higher Education, Non-profit and More. See our PR Services & Solutions work.

Today’s media landscape is in constant change. As newsrooms continue to shrink, the news cycle gains speed and more outlets shift to digital-only platforms, traditional pitches don’t consistently resonate. Yet, ours do.

Our team of news hounds, media junkies and pitch phenoms understands the dynamics of the media environment and adapt our outreach approaches accordingly. We make savvy connections between clients’ expertise and reporters’ interests and styles. And our “thinking in headlines” strategy ensures our offers stand out and stick—from how we position your thought leaders and subject matter experts as resources to how we shape your story in ways that are surprising, counterintuitive and provocative.

It’s an integrated, insights-based, news-driven approach – and it works.

Whether you’re delivering a keynote speech or virtual presentation, participating in a panel discussion or talking directly with a decision maker, live interaction with your audience is invaluable. This is why prominent business leaders engage with us: our expertise and connections bring you face-to-face with buyers and those who influence them.

From the World Economic Forum and TED, to the Aspen Ideas Festival and Fortune conferences, we forge powerful rapport with the world’s top conference organizers. Whether we’re helping shape existing agendas or creating new ones tailored to your big idea, we put our reputation and network to work for you.

Stern also represents many of the world’s leading authorities in all sectors of business and academia for paid speaking engagements with global companies and organizations. We often collaborate, supporting our clients’ needs and opportunities no matter the platform—and the paycheck.

Your communications strategy relies heavily on content. It’s the most effective engagement tool in every brand’s toolbox – an opportunity to impress and delight your audiences with expertise and ethos.

Whether blogs on your website or articles published by third-party platforms – and everything in between, from employee newsletters and executive presentations, to sell sheets, social copy and whitepapers, we craft compelling content that captures your voice, speaks to your audiences, tells your stories, and persuades prospects to buy.

Our award-winning wordsmiths are published authors, copyeditors and journalists. They’re also strategists and messaging mavens; we don’t start writing until we understand your goal—and your audience. From conception and creation to distribution and promotion, we shape words into action.

Gone are the days of counting media clips as a method of measuring PR success. Following Franky Seagerman, head of digital insights at NATO, we believe we must “Measure what -matters, not what flatters.” And so, we invest in technology to put in place for all our clients a robust reporting framework steeped in data—from share of voice and share of reach, to sentiment and social amplification.

Every client and campaign is different; we advise you on the key indicators to track and then leverage a combination of proprietary and industry-relevant tools to spin up AI-enabled, customized reports that measure the impact of your digital presence alongside that of your competitors.

Your leadership wants numbers. We help you deliver—translating data into insights, and insights into strategies, that lead to new opportunities. Our end goal is yours: to make better, trend-informed, data-driven decisions that help you grow business.

Social media has become an integral piece of the B2B communications puzzle, amplifying the reach and impact of marketing and PR, but only when deployed and managed effectively. Indeed, social media is ever-evolving, multi-dimensional and resource-intense, which is why clients look to us to develop the right strategy and implement it.

Our social media specialists are savvy strategists, creative copywriters, meticulous platform managers and insightful data-miners. We’re on top of the trends but won’t hesitate to tell you when the latest craze isn’t right for your business. We’re also highly attuned to your needs and goals, and those of your key audiences; our social media strategies reflect both.

From executing organic and paid content campaigns, to optimizing the profiles of your executives, our team builds and scales your social media presence to reach your goals and grow your business.

When it comes to digital marketing, we invest time in understanding the ins and outs of your brand, taking a tailored approach that aligns with your unique business needs. Our cross-channel strategies are meticulously crafted to target your brand’s audience, wherever they may be.

Our team is comprised of SEO pros, email marketing maestros, versatile wordsmiths, visual content virtuosos, and adept problem-solvers who understand that it’s not all about aesthetics. From your website to email marketing campaigns, we’ll ensure that your campaigns not only look impressive, but are optimized for responsiveness, seamless performance and enhanced user experience.

Partner with us for digital marketing campaigns that continuously elevate your online presence and drive business goals in an ever-evolving landscape.

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