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Advisory engagements give key decision-makers access to top global thought leaders who help unlock strategic potential with exclusive guidance. By working closely with these pioneers and researchers, business leaders are better equipped to transform their challenges into opportunities for inspiration, innovation and growth.

Amy Edmondson

Harvard Business School Professor and Authority on Psychological Safety and Team Learning in the Workplace

Azeem Azhar headshot

Azeem Azhar

Founder of Exponential View and Futurist Who Helps Leaders Break Down the Complexity of Emerging Technologies

Stew Friedman Headshot

Stew Friedman

Award-winning Wharton Professor and the World’s Top Expert on Leadership and Performance in All Parts of Life

Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik Brynjolfsson

Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and Foremost Authority on Generative AI and the Future of Work

Andy McAfee

Co-Founder of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and Researcher on Technological Progress and the Changes It Brings

Tom Davenport

Babson College Professor and Pioneering Authority on AI Strategies that Drive Competitive Advantage

Megan Reitz

Ashridge Executive Education Professor, Leadership Coach and Authority on Psychological Safety and Empowering Employees to Speak Truth to Power

Karthik Ramanna Headshot

Karthik Ramanna

University of Oxford Professor and Expert on Corporate-Government Relations, Sustainable Capitalism and Corporate Reporting

Karim Lakhani

Harvard Business School Professor and Architect of Digital Transformation and AI-Enabled Business and Operating Models

Sandra Sucher Headshot

Sandra J. Sucher

Harvard Business School Professor and Internationally Recognized Authority on Building Institutional Trust and Moral Leadership

Katharine Wilkinson Headshot

Katharine Wilkinson

Co-Founder of The All We Can Save Project, Renowned Climate Change Strategist and Expert on How Organizations and Changemakers Can Lead on Climate

Renee Richardson Gosline

Renee Richardson Gosline

MIT Senior Lecturer and Digital Marketing Expert Helping Organizations Improve Customer Experiences by Leveraging AI and Behavioral Economics

Mark Mortensen Profile Headshot 800x800

Mark Mortensen

INSEAD Professor and Authority on the Future of Work and Company Culture In the Age of AI

Geoff Parker

Dartmouth College Professor and Leading Expert on Network Economics and Platform Business Strategies That Leveraging Data and High-Growth Business Models

Barbara Wixom Headshot

Barbara Wixom

MIT CISR Principal Research Scientist, Award-Winning Professor and Expert on Data Monetization Strategy, Scaling AI, Data Sharing and Acceptable Data Use

George Westerman Headshot 2024_cropped

George Westerman

MIT Senior Lecturer and Pioneering Authority on Digital Transformation Strategies That Drive Competitive Advantage


  • Emerging Technology and the Future – Learn how to leverage new technology like generative AI to apply a forward-thinking mindset to your organization’s strategy
  • Leadership – Optimize performance and drive growth by improving leadership at every level of your organization
  • Financial Services – Improve financial literacy in the age of artificial intelligence and democratize access to financial services
  • Climate Change Solutions – Generate value from sustainable practices, organizational purpose and climate-responsive strategies
  • Psychological Safety – Improve workplace performance, innovation processes and employee satisfaction by fostering psychological safety
  • Economics – Learn how shifting economics, capitalism, geopolitics & globalization are likely to impact your business and industry
  • Trust & Empathy – Enable trust and empathy in the workplace and promote communication in personal relationships
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Build more innovative teams and broaden your brand’s reach by drawing on talent from diverse backgrounds that can speak to a wider audience