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Generative AI tools like GPT-4 present the potential for a tsunami of misinformation like we’ve never seen before. How can stakeholders around the world unite to fortify their defenses against deception?

“I love AI, but right now, I’m worried,” warns AI pioneer, entrepreneur and NYU Professor Emeritus Gary Marcus in a remarkable new TED Talk, “The Urgent Risks of Runaway AI – And What To Do About Them.” “There’s a lot of risk already, and there may be more coming. There’s enough now that we should be worried, and we need to do something about it.”

In 15 minutes, Marcus – who was already well known for his successful AI predictions years before “large language model” became a water cooler topic – deftly explains the technology behind AI tools and shines a light on the mechanisms that power them. Always practical, he recommends concrete, proactive steps organizations and governments can take today to safeguard a better future tomorrow.

Gary Marcus presenting on stage at his TED Talk. He is wearing a dark jacket, dark jeans and a maroon shirt, standing on a red stage in front of large red letters that read "TED"

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