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We are living in the golden age of associations. For those willing to redefine how they engage with the newer members of the global workforce, novel opportunities for building collaborative communities and trustworthy organizations are well within reach. “New power” – in which the enthusiasm of crowds is harnessed by organizations and individuals to build powerful movements – is core to the future success of associations, a key message of the rousing keynote Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms delivered at ASAE 2019 back in August.

For associations, the duo’s concept takes the form of a distributed community where members genuinely feels like an owner, which builds credibility for the association while spurring deeper member engagement.

“We’ve never before needed more of the kinds of collaboration and expertise that associations create,” say Heimans and Timms, co-authors of the provocative, award-winning book “New Power: How Anyone Can Persuade, Mobilize and Succeed in our Chaotic, Connected Age.” “The question is how you reimagine that model for the next generation.”

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