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Organizational leaders have depended on Azeem Azhar’s expertise on emerging technologies for years. With nearly 30 years in the tech industry as a startup founder, investor, executive and researcher, Azeem is one of the top tech analysts and futurists in the world.  


Author of the bestseller “The Exponential Age” and a fixture in the Silicon Valley network for over 25 years, Azeem’s valued insights are available to audiences around the world with his new show Exponentially with Azeem Azhar on Bloomberg TV and its companion podcast. You might consider this platform to be the next evolution of his popular Exponential View newsletter, which is one of the top newsletters on AI in the world. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and addresses what’s happening today in new tech, spanning topics from generative AI and synthetic biology to the future of work and climate change mitigation.

Contact us to discover how Azeem Azhar's vision can drive your organization's future-focused strategy in an age when technology reshapes every corner of business and society.

More importantly, Azeem’s 360º view of AI aids business leaders – including executives at Accenture, McKinsey, and PwC, as well as boards and CEOs who care about workforce development, macro risk, competition and regulation – in addressing their most urgent tech-related questions in many ways:

  1. A former corporate executive, Azeem takes great care when helping leaders break down the complexity of emerging technologies to understand their impact on economies and society. He’s also currently an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School focusing on the impact of AI on the firm, giving him a birds-eye view of the AI concerns affecting both academia and business.
  2. A technology investor himself, Azeem shares his secrets for making the right investments in an exponentially evolving tech landscape.
  3. Azeem frequently interviews influential experts including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei and Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas, to name a few, to uncover the trends and long-term implications of emerging technologies specifically for business leaders. Which new tech should you watch closely, and which ones can you ignore? Azeem can help you figure that out.

Understanding the impacts of emerging technologies on business and society isn’t just about becoming familiar with the latest gadgets like generative programs ChatGPT and DALL-E. In the 21st century, says Azeem, it’s critical that leaders anticipate how technology on the fringes will change the world in the not-too-distant future. It’s clear his impact on leaders is major:

“Azeem Azhar is one of the best-regarded thought leaders in the industry. But more importantly, he has a broad understanding of the exponential ways technology can be used to solve our biggest problems, shape our society, and bridge cultural divides.”

– Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify

Engaging with Azeem is easy, informative and entertaining: in a keynote or fireside chat, he can lay out his frameworks to help audiences grasp the basic concepts for dealing with a fast-changing world. As a confidential advisor, he guides leaders as they make important decisions about the future of their organizations. Inquire with us to learn more.

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