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What does it take to cultivate a company culture of kindness, altruism and collaboration that attracts and retains talented employees?

Discover top experts who offer fear-conquering strategies for a courageous, innovative workplace, research-backed tips to boost employee and customer happiness, thoughtful ways to bolster organizational resilience and mitigate stress, and frameworks for improving productivity by focusing on values, purpose, wellness and inclusion.

Abigail Marsh, Award-Winning Neuroscientist Uncovering Mechanisms for Increasing Empathy and Altruism

Abigail Marsh

Top-rated Georgetown University Professor Abigail Marsh is a pioneer in the science of altruistic behavior who is uncovering new pathways for managing fear and cultivating courage and kindness in all aspects of life. Her groundbreaking research exploring the biological processes behind empathy revealed a surprising discovery: humans don’t know the limits of their selfless potential to care for others – and this potential can be increased.

Elizabeth Dunn, Leading Happiness and Well-Being Researcher


University of British Columbia Professor Elizabeth Dunn is a leading researcher on happiness and well-being whose work focuses on how to optimize scarce resources such as time, money and technology. She provides individuals and organizations with practical steps to take right now that enhance social connections at work.

Elissa Epel, Leading Authority on Stress, Well-Being and Optimal Aging

Elissa Epel On Stage

The New York Times bestselling author and University of California, San Francisco Professor Elissa Epel is a leading voice on the psychology of social connection, trust, and compassion in the workplace. Her highly acclaimed book and instant Amazon #1 new release in the stress management category, “The Stress Prescription: Seven Days to More Joy and Ease,” compiles decades of research into a practical seven-day plan of science-based techniques that can help to harness stress through more positive personal challenge and purpose. Her workshops and retreats are both unique and memorable.

Nava Ashraf, Pioneering Economist and Authority on the Concept of Altruistic Capital

Nava Ashraf

Renowned behavioral economist and London School of Economics Professor Nava Ashraf is a globally recognized authority on behaviors that drive growth while creating social, organizational and individual impact. She pioneered the concept of altruistic capital, “the idea that every individual has within them an intrinsic desire to serve,” revealing it as an asset which can be invested in, or depleted, in the workplace.

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